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Raising Questions and Concerns

Q. Andrea feels that her manager treats her unfairly. Can she report this?

A. Andrea can report the situation to another manager or any of the resources listed in “Where Can I Raise Questions and Concerns”. P&G takes all allegations seriously and follows through with the commitment that all incidents will be investigated and all reporters will be protected from retaliation.

Q. Lucas feels he’s being harassed by one of his co-workers, and he raised an issue with his manager, Todd. What should Todd do after he receives this information?

A. It is essential that managers who receive a report, or otherwise become aware of an incident, know what to do and who to contact to ensure the incident is thoroughly and promptly investigated. An “incident” means an allegation, finding, report, event or discovery that suggest there may have been a violation of the law, WBCM or P&G policy. Incidents may or may not involve a suspicion of intentional wrongdoing. Todd should immediately report the incident to any of the resources listed in “Where Can I Raise Questions and Concerns”. Once the incident is reported, specialized resources will be assigned to investigate the case. As the investigation occurs, it will be important for Todd and Lucas to respond to requests for assistance in resolving the situation. Todd will also have the very important responsibility to ensure that Lucas is protected from any form of retaliation, whether directly or indirectly.

Q. One of Lily’s colleagues, Michael, has been talking about how he makes sure his brother’s firm wins bids for P&G engineering work. Lily is fairly sure he is operating outside P&G standard procedures, but does not know for sure. His brother’s firm seems to do a good job. She likes Michael and has worked with him for a long time, and doesn’t want to get him into trouble. What should she do?

A. Lily should report her concerns to her manager or any of the resources listed in “Where Can I Raise Questions and Concerns.” Company policies are there to protect P&G and all P&G people. In our work, we are obliged to act in the best interests of the Company, even if we think there may be consequences for a colleague. Our incident management processes are designed to make sure reports are investigated fairly. If Michael has done nothing wrong, he will not get into trouble; if he has, the Company will take into account all the circumstances before taking action.

Raising Questions and Concerns

Raising Questions and concerns