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Promoting Respect in
Our Workplace

Diversity and Inclusion

  • We recruit, hire and retain the best talent from around the world, reflecting the markets and consumers we serve.

  • Developing and retaining a diverse workforce provides us with a sustained competitive advantage.

  • We recognize that a diverse mix of backgrounds, skills and experiences drives new ideas, products and services. This maximizes our ability to achieve our goals.


P&G is committed to providing equal opportunities in employment.

This means you must treat your fellow P&Gers, P&G applicants and external parties with whom we do business fairly, and you must never engage in any form of unlawful discrimination.

You must follow all anti-discrimination laws, and in your employment decisions (such as recruiting, hiring, training, salary and promotion), you must not discriminate against individuals on the basis of:

Preventing Harassment

We are committed to providing a harassment-free environment, in which we all have an opportunity to contribute at our highest potential.

“Harassment” is behavior that creates an offensive, intimidating, humiliating or hostile work environment that unreasonably interferes with another person’s work performance.

Harassment may be physical or verbal, and may be done in person or by other means (such as harassing notes or emails). Examples of harassing behavior include unwelcome sexual advances or remarks, offensive jokes and disparaging comments. You must avoid engaging in harassing actions.

These kinds of offensive behaviors can be intentional and obvious. Or they can appear in subtle and slight comments and interactions—“microaggressions” that may reveal personal biases or negative attitudes and assumptions about other groups or cultures, which can also be a form of harassment or discrimination. Whether subtle or overt, intended or not, you must avoid engaging in harassing or discriminatory actions.