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Why Do We Have a Worldwide Business Conduct Manual?

Our character has been built on a foundation of integrity, trust and respect since our beginning in 1837.

Our Worldwide Business Conduct Manual (WBCM) explains the global standards each of us must follow in our work for P&G. It also explains our legal and ethical responsibilities.

You must follow these standards and the law at all times, and ensure that you understand how they apply to your work. Our WBCM applies to all employees and members of the Board of Directors, regardless of location, seniority level, business unit, function, or region. For this reason, in this WBCM, “P&G” refers in this document to The Procter & Gamble Company and all of its subsidiaries and operating units.

P&G also expects external parties with whom P&G does business to follow standards equivalent to our WBCM. If you suspect or observe an external party doing anything potentially illegal or unethical, especially related to P&G’s business – for example, under-invoicing or violating competition laws – you must report this immediately.

Though it contains P&G’s core global standards, our WBCM is not a complete manual that describes all of the policies and procedures governing every employee and situation. Check with your immediate manager or local HR manager to understand whether there are additional policies / procedures you must also follow in your role.